Thursday, November 20, 2008

Its Beary Time!

Anyone Who knows me Knows i'm CRAZY about BEARS! WEll i came across some cu-bears by Pagan Sky Scraps which was tooo goood to pass up so i made some bears using the adjust color on it after i greyscaled it. They came out tooo coool for words. They did fantastic job on making the bears for the rest of us to be able to use and they can be found here Pagan Sky Scraps .

Here are the awesome bears i came up with give me the weekend to post them feeel free to leave some love once i get them uploaded


  1. Thank you for the wonderful compliment on our Bears.

    Glitters n Sunshine

    Witchy n Skye

  2. Oh I forgot. Keep an eye out....we got more bears gonna be on the blog coming....:)

  3. I downloaded bears from Pagan Skye but want to be sure I got YOUR bears!